It's time for another podcast episode!

Issue 007x mixed by Torrey Thomas aka Juss B ...

... With an entirely dedicated following, some of you may already be familiar with his work. If you have seen him around, you are likely to have not forgotten his face; alongside his unique style, he is possibly one of the most tatted producers out there. His sound borders on the deep, dark, and atmospheric. Something to the taste of dare I say it, similar acts such as Kryptic Minds. While not flashy, these tracks are massively solid. This makes it, no matter your taste, difficult not to appreciate the craftsmanship of such juggernaut vibes ...

_— Sublvl (Los Angeles-based media collective)_

Juss B already released on Tuba, Vulcan Audio, Phantom Hertz Records and Gradient Audio, just to name a few.

Enjoy the mix!


  1. Juss B - Evolve
  2. Axh - Giant Footsteps
  3. Juss B - Rain Man
  4. Youngsta - Destruction
  5. Juss B - Drop Dem
  6. Quantum Soul - Clear as Dub
  7. Juss B - Braata
  8. Gantz - Spry Sinister
  9. Wayfarer - Afterlight
  10. Axh - Destroy
  11. Asylum - Zero Gravity
  12. Biome - Abyss
  13. Killawatt & Ipman - Sur Place
  14. Juss B - The Omen VIP
  15. Sleeper & District - The Risk
  16. Juss B - Ritual
  17. Ganz - Get Ones


Cover photo by: Ariyona Febly Photography