Dubstep Blog Austria is teaming up with dubstep.sk and the sub:tearz crew to to promote the Nomine album launch party just across the Austrian border in Bratislava.

Nomine is exploring the deepest bass spectra music in his debut LP „Inside Nomine“, which is released on legendary Tempa! Recordings. Echo-drenched melodies that drift like a distant brass chorus, sub-bass as soft and powerful as an ocean current, and turbulent, continually shifting percussion. These traits are put to the service of deep and driving dubstep tracks, rooted in UK soundsystem culture and rave history, ready to swallow every dancefloor from land of the rising sun to the dirtiest London underground.

We are honoured to host his launch party, right here in Bratislava!

And we're giving away 1x2 guest list tickets for this party. All you need to do is to like and share this post on Facebook. The happy winner will be picked on Fri, Sept 11th at 10pm.