Štvrté pokračovanie akcie SKENG sa uskutoční 19. Novembra so špeciálnym hosťom DUBAPE (AT).

Dubape (AT) A.K.A Lukas Frei je mladý a talentovaný producent so sídlom v Rakúsku, ktorý sa špecializuje na hlboké beaty okolo 140bpm. Jeho debutový album "We Are Monkeys" spolu s albumom "Alternation" sú medzinárodne uznávané UK producentmi ako N-type, J:Kenzo a Truth. Jeho unikátny a atmosférický zvuk Vás obklopí v priestoroch klubu FUGA!

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About DubApe

Lukas Frei aka DubApe is a young and talented producer/DJ based in Austria who is specialised in deep, soulful beats around the 140bpm range. His debut release was 2012 on Bacon Dubs - the “We Are Monkeys” EP instantly reached the top of the online music retailers charts and was followed by the “Alternation” EP in March 2013. These two releases won DubApe the international recognition and support needed. Dubstep top dogs such as J:Kenzo, N-Type and Truth to mention a few, took the DubApe tunes around the world. His unique, melding dark, atmospheric sounds with ethnic textures define a very unique style - DubApe´s productions stand out - and you can expect to hear a lot more of them in the following months. On the DJ front - DubApe has already performed all over Austria and played shows in Berlin, Bratislava and the UK - more shows are planned for 2015. As young talent - one project wasn´t enough for Lukas, in 2013 he gathered a good hand full of musicians around him and founded the “Black Lotus Experiment” Project. Even more floating and of highest musical quality - the formation consists of live musicians and an outstanding singer who delivers her lyrics beautifully with a hint of mystery!