RAWting! presents: Munchies Sound System (Cro)

Munchies Soundsystem is a newborn humble sound from Pula (Croatia). This project started by the end of 2013 when 2 friends, Filip and Zoran, moved in together in Trieste(Italy) to study and discovered their common love and passion for reggae and dub culture. After their first session Damian and Pacha became crew members as MCs and singers. After they collected a bunch of vynils they decided to build their own soundsystem (with the help from Warrior Charge, Rockers Dub Master and Digitron) to spread the positive dub vibes around Istria and further. During the building they started to organize sessions calling sounds from abroad as Echotronix, Imperial sound, Shimana and they played at parties in squatts and clubs in Zagreb, Osijek and Rijeka.It was a long process finished in November 2015 when they started a monthly session on their own sound system hosting Vibronics ft. Madu Messenger, Mahom Dub, Indica Dubs, Digitron, Egoless, Warrior Charge, Dubble, Wicked and Bonny, Rockers Dub Master and many others. In their 2 years of existance they count many sessions at festivals around the Balkan region such as Seasplash, Overjam, Modem, Lost Theory, Tides of Youth where they shared the stage with many international artists! In 2016 they continue to build their scene in Pula organizing monthly sessions and hoping to get more and more people in love with sound system culture, reggae music and conscious message that it brings us!!


  • Selectress Beatroot
  • MelMel
  • DCone
  • DJ Diaz