From its inception, Reggae music was created to be played through bass heavy and well-tuned Sound Systems. When heard through a custom Reggae Sound System, the music takes on a new life and dimension, expressing the fullness of its potential. Listeners experience a deep connection as they hear and feel the powerful grounding and uplifting spiritual vibrations. Building on the tradition of roots and culture Sounds like Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti and King Shiloh, the Inner Standing Sound with its Sound Sanctuary events is making its debut in 2013…

The heartfelt passion for the sonic power and message of Reggae brought the Inner Standing crew together in 2008. Peter Lionheart had been building Lionheart Sounds for years, playing many gigs, producing and distributing tens of thousands of conscious Reggae mix CD’s, and working with local roots singers and producers. While this was powerful way to get the message out, it left much to be desired in terms of unleashing the power of the sound… Rumi Q spent his formative years in Paris where he was exposed to and inspired by the thriving Sound System scene. It was around that time that he began collecting reggae vinyl and focused his studies on sound engineering and production. After connecting, the inspiration and mission was clear; to build a Sound System that would provide the full roots experience to the California roots community…

Inner Standing Sound


JAH SONIC (formerly I-LAND BEAT) was established in Crete in 2003. Sound was built in 2008 then fwd to Western Austria to push Jah works from them regions. Bodensee DUB CLUB is regularly uplifting the people of Vorarlberg and Dub Sanctuary is a new series that we are happy to launch. Some tunes are also produced in Jah Sonic Geometry studio that can be heard in the dances.

Bodensee Dub Club

Jah Sonic Sound System

Dub Sanctuary 1