The sixth edition of Dub der guten Hoffnung Graz brings one of the most upcoming dub and jungle producer to Graz: FLeCK. He’s know for his dynamic heavyweight poduction and did some mighty remixes for Congo Natty, Chopstick Dubplate, Mungo’s Hifi and others with releases on Serial Killaz, Born on road or Scotch Bonnet. Botheration Hifi from Southtyrol bring their Soundsystem back to the city and also MC D-Vibe from Italy comes around a second time.

We give thanks for one year of Dub der guten Hoffnung in Forum Stadtpark.

Refugees welcome!

▸ reggae // dub // dubstep // steppas // jungle

▸ dis session is powered by the mighty Botheration Hifi


FLeCK (kings hifi, serial killaz // greece)

▸ Wicked and Bonny (Botheration HiFi // itlay)

▸ D-Vibe (pon the microphone) (Rockers Dub Master sound system // italy)

Mogly (pon the microphone) (Singer of Militant Pazifists, Dub der guten Hoffnung / Graz)

▸ Coolman (pon the microphone) (Dub der guten Hoffnung / Graz)

▸ Rapoostra (Dub der guten Hoffnung / Graz)

Kulix (Dub der guten Hoffnung / Graz)

Jahcobe (Dub der guten Hoffnung, Breakery / Graz, Berlin)

Darkwing Dub (Dub der guten Hoffnung, Breakery, Lions Den / Graz, Berlin)

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