Basstrace is here to share, enjoy and recultivate what many miss: the trueschool roots of Dubstep. Providing an alternative to the mainstream. Beyond mass spectrum.

Along comes another roots session. Last one for this year!

This one's an artist feature of the ambitious Austrian Dubstep label Sub Audio Records, established earlier this summer. Full support!

Part of their roster is DMG who has been around since a while now, pushing bass music in many forms.It seems his productions are more and more tending towards Dubstep recently, good news for bassheads - as to be heard on his first SUBA release. It goes without saying, his sets are pure fire!

Linguist is forthcoming on SUBA, born British, our sound in his blood. A vinylist, keeper of a decade of black gold. His mixes spread out from Dubstep to Grime, Bassline and back. His productions flow similar. Where will he lead us? Bass and eternity?

These wicked and wild boys are going to be supported by not less than five residents: Damask exclusive, power mixmaster Dubnius, the new tag team of dub dreams Ronya & The Zion Archives plus warming up, Isonoe.



Sub Audio Records

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Sub Audio Records

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