Basstrace is here to share, enjoy and recultivate what so many miss: the trueschool roots of Dubstep. Providing an alternative to the mainstream. Beyond mass spectrum.

Von D is around in our sound since 2009. Having toured the world already, this is his first time in Austria. His uncounted productions, including not less than three full-length albums, are the product of an eclectic musical soul with that special sense for melodic-rhythmic structure in line with a strong leaning towards analogue dub studio techniques. To put it in one word: Von D sound is unique.

Keeping up the strong emphasis on featuring local talents, this time we're reaching out to the Noise Collage crew. Solo Premium is a remarkable project under NC's hood, not focused on a particular style, though strongly influenced by a long-standing bass music background. We are curious to hear what Solo Premium's definition of Dubstep is.

Support will be given by Ronya & The Zion Archives in a two hours back-to-back journey down deep, scratchmaster Dotworks as our newest clan member - welcome! - and the Basstrace Clan All-stars at last.



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Infernal Sounds, GetDarker, BOKA Records

◢ Solo Premium (AT)
Noise Collage

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