Basstrace is here to share, enjoy and recultivate what so many miss: the trueschool roots of Dubstep. Providing an alternative to the mainstream. Beyond mass spectrum.

Italian bass baron Piezo is one of a kind. He is widely appreciated from Palermo to Bristol for that supreme production skills of his own. The 28 year old is a hot blender of all what gets him and his audience into the groove. From mind-boggling junglist rhythms through bone-rattling basslines to persuing hooklines not leaving your inner ear for plenty of days. He sure is a game changer ahead of his time!

Graz producer/DJ Dublix truly fascinated us all at 009. Our sound definitely runs in his blood. And he just looooves Piezo! Reason enough to let him hijack the whole Vienna basshead gang again (and again), we think you agree.

OLD.EDU from Salzburg. Relentless keeper of bass music in Mozart’s New Town. Upholsterer of the unknown. Beholder of sub-heavy surprise. You will see - between the turntables he is simply a sorcerer.

One can not get tired of giving thanks to the man called Apoxid. As the founder of Dubstep Blog Austria (meanwhile merged into he is the all-encompassing key player who made us all link up in that Austrian Bass Community. Foundation of our scene as we know it today. He is the one who pulls the strings - from Dornbirn. Not to say the least, do not rise up against a man with a bag full of killer dubs in his crate!

Business as usual, those four fine gentleman gonna be surrounded by four of our finest residents out of which one is having his Basstrace premiere that night: Welcome to the clan, Mr. Dubnius!

Last but not least, session 011 rolls the red carpet for the very most important person in the Basstrace clan:

BT011 Front

#modulith - sweet lady, it’s been a while, you were wholeheartedly missed.



◢ Piezo
Subaltern Records, Artikal Music UK

◢ Dublix
Deepnheavy sounds

◢ Apoxid

New Town Bass, YSR Collective

◢ Nobody & Damask

◢ Dubnius

◢ Isonoe

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