When I started djing Dubstep in 2007 it was easy to overlook the new scene. It was small and condensed, you knew about new releases, and there were only a handful of relevant labels. It was like a family were everyone knew what was going on.

Things changed of course and Dubstep has become part of popular culture. It feels similar to what happened to Techno at the time of the rise of Love Parade.

As Dubstep and its enormous variety of sub genres grows bigger and bigger, it becomes harder and harder for individuals to stay on top of the sheer endless stream of Dubstep influenced electronic dance music.

One approach to tackle this problem is to break down the genre by location - when Dubstep started it all happened in London the surrounding areas. dubstep-blog.at will focus on the scene in Austria and even more specifically on the deeper end of the spectrum - which I think does not get the attention that it deserves.

It's deep, it's dark, and it's minimal, this is the sound! Toast MC

So what I will try to achieve with this site is to create a source for all things deep, dark, and minimal in Austria - similar to Trusik or Hedmuk. You can find more information about my motivations to do this blog on the About page.
If you think you know artists, DJs, or label that deserve to be featured here, please let me know.

Enjoy reading!