The latest release on TinyType's imprint Audiocalligraphy is a soulful and sublime collaboration between himself and Indian vocalist Bijayashree Samal that shows us what Asian-influenced Dubstep can and should be. The track is entitled 'Kari Bairi Akhiyan' (Black Naughty Eyes) and comes with a remix on the flipside.

TinyType & Bijayashree Samal - Kari Bairi Akhiyan

TinyType's gentle fluid rhythms built a chilled simplicity out of Dubstep influenced beat variations combined by shimmering melodic Dub grooves, smoothly melodies, spacey bassline and Indian instrumentation. Bijayashree Samal delivers divine and heart-warming vocals with an extremely melodious voice which take the songs to higher grounds. Altogether the melt down of both artists work creates a beautiful and mesmerizing piece of music.

The original version offering a mix of varied aesthetics with adorable vocals which raise a sort of beautiful melancholic-ally moments followed by a natural flow.
TinyType's Remix version brings a change with a touch of muted Future Garage vibes combined by percussive textures and soft atmospheres which appear for a groove that is equally nocturnal and hypnotic. Bijayashree Samal's warm and soothing vocals sweep through variations of delays and a varying arrangement.


  1. TinyType & Bijayashree Samal – Kari Bairy Akhiyan
  2. TinyType & Bijayashree Samal – Kari Bairy Akhiyan (Remix)

Kari Bairi Akhiyan is out now (31st Oct 2013) and available as a digital download on Juno and iTunes.