I usually do not write about things that are not related to the Austrian Dubstep and Bass music scene. That's just how it is. However, from time to time you need to break your own rules ...

Something worth breaking the rules for, is the Subpac.

Subpack M2

The Subpac is an innovative, tactile bass system that enables to feel low bass frequencies (5-130Hz!) as if you were standing in front of a loud, powerful stack of speakers. It is available as a studio device (S series) that you put on your seatback, and as a wearable device (M series) for DJs and basically everyone who enjoys feeling bass. Those who have tried it already know what I mean ;)

I've been early adopter of the M1 model and been following the development of this device ever since my mate Snooks demoed me a prototype at BM Soho (R.I.P.) back in the days.

Now, 2 years after the first model, the overall improved Subpac M2 is available for pre-order. Especially the Bluetooth audio connection, improved ergonomic shape and a high capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery make this device a superior successor of the first model.

Used in studios around the world and championed by industry leaders, our patent-pending technology combines our new proprietary tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes with a fully redesigned form factor to bring you the next generation of SubPac, the M2. Powerful and accurate bass and sub bass monitoring in a wearable form factor that is quiet to the outside world.

Subpack M2

I hope I can get hold of this device as soon as possible to spread bass in Austria!