Subdued is back with 2 brand new and terribly good tunes that will shake any sound system.

Break Away and Concrete are bare-bones tribal Dubstep tunes. Both tracks are equally detailed in their sound design and rich in vibrant percussion. On top executed in a typical Subdued manner: groove in favour of melodic elements.

However, the best thing about this release is, that it comes with an ├╝ber super limited 12" vinyl edition - only 10 copies! - other than the regular digital release. As a vinyl addict I really looking forward to holding the wax in my hands!

Break Away / Concrete drops on 15th May 2014 on Juno & iTunes.
You can also pre-order the vinyl release on Audiocalligraphy's Bandcamp page:

This is an instant buy!

Update (04/05/2014):

The limited vinyl edition is already sold out!