A few weeks ago, Vienna based producer Gnischrew contacted me and let me know he is working on a new project I might be interested in. He's about to launch a new digital/vinyl label called Sub Audio Records.

The label focuses on "forward thinking bass music" - which is indeed a wide spectrum. However the direction quickly becomes clear when listening to the label showcase mixes on Soundcloud and the first release. The first release SUBA001 (Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation EP) which is due in late August is produced by the label boss Gnischrew himself and features 2 bass heavy, dubby sound system affine tracks. A more detailled review will be here on this blog as soon as they are officially out :-)

Sub Audio Records

Personally I think the label is the logicical progression of what has been happening within the sound system scene in Vienna in the past 12 to 24 months. The scene is still very small compared to other cities in Europe, but it has never been more vital. There are various young artists, DJs, producers and sound men that build a sustainable foundation. A lot of this can be credited to the hard work of the Basstrace clan, also.

Sub Audio Records emerges from this fertile sub culture where it perfectly fits into.

I've done an interview with label boss Gnischrew for the radio show Foundation Sound on Radio Proton. You can listen to that radio show here:

On August 5th 2016 there will be the official label launch Party at Fluc Cafe in Vienna with a great line up of Austrian DJs and producers presenting the wide spectrum of bass music.

Sub Audio Label Launch Party

  • DubApe (Bacon Dubs, Mainframe Rec, Vienna)
  • Don Oskar (Dub Der Guten Hoffnung, Graz)
  • Linguist (Sub Audio Records, Vienna)
  • DMG (Concrete, Vienna)
  • Dubnius (Basstrace, Vienna)
  • and last but not least Gnischrew (Sub Audio Records, Vienna)

This said, you can be sure that there will be more than a few hiqh quality releases out of Vienna city.

Dubstep Blog Austria wishes all the best for the label and is looking forward to hearing some interesing upcoming releases.

Also check out their website!