The latest release from Tyrol based label Audiocalligraphy is an international remix project by label boss TinyType. Tenerte Aqui (Have You Here) comes with the original mix and 4 remixes featuring the beautiful voice of Lym Moreno (living in Vienna, Austria) who also did the artwork for this release.

The spectrum spans from Dub to Dubstep to almost Downtempo and each track focuses on its own characteristics. TinyType shows us once again that you do not need to live in the melting pots of electronic music in order to release innovative music with international participation. And a small detail that I like in particular: The tracks are mastered precisely and with care to carve out all the details of the tracks - not the usual loudness madness. So, nothing more to say than well done!

Original Mix

The original mix by TinyType (Roman from Telfes, Austria) starts off with distant hypnotic percussion slowly filling up the space and setting the pace for the laid back rhythm of the track. The organic clap and filtered hi-hats complete the simple yet effective drum pattern throughout the whole track. Latest when the soulful female voice samples from Lym dub over the beats you won't be able to resist the hidden persuasion of Indian relaxation.

Whattsun Remix

Whattsun (Tim Watson from Cardiff, UK) slows down the tempo a bit and adds an additional layer of athmosphere in the first part of track. The crisp and sharp hi-hats tease a quite different approach towards the drum arrangement before they even drop in. Garage influenced drum patterns dominate the second part and the vocals become more sparse yet more concrete and graspable. You might simply call it Future Garage but that would reduce the track to something that it isn't.

Dinghi Remix

Dinghi (Hannes Peyer from Vienna, Austria) nobbles the original track and introduces it to the dark side. The outcome is a powerful Dubstep tune that is dark but yet rooted to its original. The originally sparse percussive drums are reworked into a dense and driving element that doesn't disappoint the dance floor. The break however surprises with a drift into reverberating guitar strumming that accompanies the dope beats as a psychedelic pad till the end of the track.

HOOdub Remix

HOOdub (Asmita Parashar from Mumbai, India) transforms the original track into a Dubstep version as well. However the main elements differ widely from Dinghi's approach: an Asian-influenced melody dribbles on top of a simple half step beat and combines with the delayed vocals building a nice spherical pad that covers the whole track in a whiff of seduction. And inside our heads the morning fog lifts from the rice fields uncovering the awakening countryside.

Photophob Remix

Photophob (Herwig Holzmann aus Graz, Austria) keeps his rework close to the original but lays the focus on the drums. The few but distinctive elements leave plenty of space for long delays and emerging vocals from the depths. Warm smooth synth sounds that enter in dialogue with the vocals give the track its final unique characteristics - an Eurasian mid summer night dream.

Tenerte Aqui is out now on Juno as a digital download!