Viennese producer Linguist releases his first album Shapeshifter and calls producers for remixes.

Shapeshifter is a fully open source album. Remix stems for every track are downloadable for free. All tracks can be freely reproduced, remixed, edited, MCed on, sung on, mangled and fucked with so long as you give away what you make for free.

Linguist - Shapeshifter

His album is available as a free (pay what you want) download from his Bandcamp page and features 10 tracks of different genres from Triphop to rather grimy UK Garage and from Dubstep to Drum'n'Bass. The album showcases the diversity of Linguist's production skills.

  1. Shapeshifter is a rolling Drum'n'Bass tune in "True Playaz" manner and additional Amen breaks.
  2. Grand Master has a grimy take on Dubstep beats.
  3. Mindkilla is a hard hitting tune at 140 beats per minute.
  4. Tortured Soul is a reminiscence of DnB classics.
  5. Over the Edge mixes elements of Drum'n'Bass with broken beats and waeves a purcussives
  6. Clockwork takes on UK House and brags with percussion work.
  7. Stand Up (VIP) is the VIP version of his Garage tune which has been on Soundcloud for a while already.
  8. So Good is the 2nd Garage tune of the album and stands out with its cheesy vocals.
  9. Positive Thinking is a laid-back, somehow jazzy 140bpm track.
  10. See You Soon jumps seamlessly between its 160bpm and half-beat Hiphop breaks.

You can grab the album from his Bandcamp page.