A vibrant music scene lives and dies with people who put all their effort into the one thing they really love. Happily there are quite a few of these people in Austria at the moment, and Celmuun aka Moon is definitely one of them!

At Basstrace 004 she presented her wonderful solidarity compilation Khadag; a selection of 14 tracks by well known artists such as Om Unit, District and D-Operation Drop, as well as Austrian producer TinyType.

Khadag Release

On her website she writes:

‚Red Moon Rising Records’ presents ‚Khadag’, a solidarity compilation to raise support and awareness for Humanitarian Bazaar's Refugee Assistance Project, helping leading Somali peace activists who have been targeted by violence and their families rebuild their lives with legal aid, living expenses for the most vulnerable and assist their efforts to continue their important work.

Some of the activists' stories are portrayed in the coming feature film ,Live from Mogadishu’. In 2013, the artists/activists have created the first music festival in over 20 years in Somalia 'Mogadishu Music Festival' to empower the youth against extremism.

'Khadag' is a mongolian word and stands for 'Ritual Silk Scarf', a symbol of respect, honor and prayers. This solidarity compilation is symbolic of the respect and support of the contributing artists to the Somali musicians. Artist to artist, heart to heart. Each artist contibuted their music without charge and each cent raised (minus some mastering and hardware costs) will go towards the NGO, with full disclosure of the usage of the funds.


  1. KSP - 80878a
  2. Om Unit - Pots and Pans
  3. D-Operations Drop - 786
  4. Dillard x Damnesia Vu - Llunga
  5. Clearlight - No Rules
  6. District - Guardian Dub
  7. TinyType - African Blood
  8. Sixth Ape - Lam Lam
  9. Kahn Kurra - Whakaari
  10. 9VSS & Doom - Renegade
  11. Durandal - Unwelcome
  12. Sam KDC - Stalker
  13. Ena x Overlook - Nadsat
  14. Nanobyte - Sugar Skull

However, ‚Khadag’ is not one-shot release, but marks the inception of her newly established label Red Moon Rising Records. The label will live peacefully next to TinyType's imprint Audiocalligraphy. I am very excited about this news and looking forward to what's coming next.

Good luck Moon, we wish you all the best for your endeavour!