It has not been long since their last EP on Bacon Dubs but there is already another EP forthcoming from Vienna based Lukas and Kaya aka DubApes.

Dubapes - Gaia EP

The Gaia EP will be released later this year both as a 12" and digital on Odea Records. So, this will be the first physical release by the DubApes - we are very excited and can't wait to hold the record in our hands!

The release contains 2 tracks: Gaia and Still Water, both coming with a remix. The title track Gaia is a dark roller with complex drum patterns and an unmistakable DubApes-atmosphere. Kinetical's sharp and grimy voice sits like beater on top of the drums and pushes the tune from bar to bar. The remix by Widowmaker is more relaxed and tends towards straight Techno. Still Water is - contrary to its title - a raving tribal Dubstep-Techno hybrid with a leading siren synth and vocoder vocals. The Acid Mix with its 4x4 house beats, however, feels a bit like the stepchild on this EP.