Chanda Ngoi at NO BASS NO FUN Record Label Show Case

Yet another forthcoming track on NO BASS NO FUN Records, and yet again there is only a snippet available. This time it comes from Linz based producer and DJ Chanda Ngoi.

Disorientated is all about the gritty bass. It is used to create both the rhythmical foundation and the tonality. The long reverb of the snare sits nicely on top of the sub and creates the atmosphere of an abandoned warehouse. Percussive elements are kept down to a minimum, although they could IMO be used to give the track a little bit more variation (let's see, this is not the final version). Disorientated is all in all a very original Dubstep track that gets along without any fancy melodic structures or exaggerated effects. Definitely one for standing in the dark corner and nodding your head to!

What do you think?