It's time to catch up again. There have been 2 incredible releases from Austrian producers the last weeks!

The _DubApes_ released their 2nd EP on UK label Bacon Dubs and _Subdued_ released his debut on Austrian label Audiocalligraphy. Let's look at them in the order of their release date ...

Subdued - Tribal Face

Release Date: 22th March 2013 Label: Audiocalligraphy (AT) Cat.No.: 000135 004054 Buy Link:

Tribal Face

Subdued (Sandro) from the little town Weiz in Styria sent 2 of his tunes to TinyType some time ago who then immediately caught fire and decided to release them on his label Audiocalligraphy. Tribal Face and Sitar Groove are finely crafted percussive tunes with Asian flair and African rhythms wisely combined with punching sub bass. Unbelievable quality for a first release. Big up!

DubApes - Alteration EP

Release Date: 25th March 2013 Label: Bacon Dubs (UK) Cat.No.: PORK010 Buy Link:

Alteration EP

The DubApes (Lukas and Kaya) also did a stunning debut on Bacon Dubs last year and everyone was expecting something huge as their second EP. And we were not disappointed! The 4 track EP features not only but also collaborations with MC Kinetical, The Paranox and a remix by label boss Sparxy. Last Flute is a DubApes tune all through that hooks up to their first EP with a lot of atmospheric elements deep from the jungle. Alteration with epic dark vocals by Kinetical proves itself worthy as the title track for this release. Where Mercy - a collaboration with The Paranox - still tries to combine the worlds of tribalism and dark dungeon sounds, the remix of Africa Calling by label boss Sparxy already enters destruction mode, but without losing its roots. Well done!

Go cop them both!